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Make this Personal

If you like this audio you know you can have it personalised, just for you. Not only will it speak to you directly, it can be adapted to enhance any elements that you particularly enjoy.

The Fae King

You know the forest is full of myths and legends.  You have heard the warnings about the Fae, the fairy folk or whatever you would like to call them.  But you’re a sensible kinda girl. You know that most of this is just made up by your elders to make sure you stay aware in the forests…isn’t it?

You’re sure they don’t even exist…

Please remember this is a hypnotic recording, and so should only be listened to when it is safe to do so, preferably lying on your bed.
Only listen to this recording if you are happy to enter a hypnotic trance with me and are prepared to enjoy the full excitement of an erotic experience.