140: Showcase of Piper Stone’s Auction House – A Dark Billionaire Romance

A Dark Billionaire Romance from Piper Stone.

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I was meant to be auctioned. He took me for himself instead.

When I went undercover to investigate a series of murders with links to Steele Franklin’s auction house operation, I expected to be sold for the humiliating use of one of his fellow billionaires.

But he wanted me for himself.

No contract. No agreed upon terms. No say in the matter at all except whether to surrender to his shameful demands without a fight or make him strip me bare and spank me into submission first.

I chose the second option, but as one devastating climax after another is forced from my naked, quivering body, what scares me isn’t the thought of him keeping me locked up in a cage forever.

It’s knowing he won’t need to.

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