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Welcome to Wylde after Dark…

My private club for connesseurs of erotic audio pleasure. As the sign says above the door, leave your panties and inhibitions behind, you won’t be needing either.

Be warned! This is intense, sensual audio. You can enjoy your fantasies as if they were really happening, most don’t leave this site without enjoying a few orgasms.

Truly, the best kept dirty secret on the internet…

With over 5,000 listeners a day, the erotic collection of Devlin Wylde has brought a new level of satisfaction to many women and couples.

You can access his most intense work right here.  

Test ride your fantasies for free now.  Your body will thank you for it.

These audios do use hypnotic and meditative techniques from the start to give you a relaxing experience along with the most intense sensual pleasure.

Your pleasure is my pleasure, always.

Take peek now at the club…if you see something you like, then try it. Today is the start of a new, sensual you.


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