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All this….and so much more…

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Welcome to Wylde after Dark…

My private club for connoisseurs of erotic audio pleasure. As the sign says above the door, leave your panties and inhibitions behind, you won’t be needing either.

We have something for everyone, whether you just want to dip that sexy little toe of yours into the waters of audio pleasure, right through to intense satisfaction of a one to one experiential erotic fantasy.

You can enjoy uninterrupted pleasure in the VIP rooms where you have access to a commercial free edition of the Wylde in Bed Podcast along with the famous Experiential Erotica collection.

Try it now with a 72 hour free trial!

As a VIP member you can immerse yourself in the sensual delights of my selection of Experiential Erotic Fantasies.  My unique blend of guided visualisation and erotic fantasy designed to make your whole body live your fantasies. If you don’t believe me, give it a try, you get three days free, you might just be surprised how much pleasure you can enjoy.

Of course, if you have a specific, personal need then you can enjoy your very own exclusive fantasy, exclusively for you in the Private Members room.

Once you have joined me in the VIP area, you will recieve your own, personal podcast feed by email. Just add itt your favorite podcast app and all your sensual pleasures are there.

Your pleasure is my pleasure, always.

If you need any assistance then please email me.


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