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Choose your erotic desire…

Enhance your passion

Experiential Erotica  to help you discover the deep passion you know is inside.

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Romantic Erotic Story Sessions

Soft and Sensuous sessions to help your passionate romantic grow with unreserved desire.

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MMF Sessions

When one man just isn’t enough to satisfy your deepest desires.

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Paranormal Story Sessions

Taking you out of your body to enjoy your bodily pleasures on a whole new level.¬† A little bit of fear…a little bit of spookiness….a whole load of horniness.

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BDSM Story Sessions

Explore the darker side of your desires. From sensual bondage and spanking to full on BDSM play, this ain’t love and roses.

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Tantric Story Sessions

Explore the spiritual side of your sensuality and intensify your pleasure many fold. Truly intense pleasure awaits you.

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