Getting More from Podcast Advertising

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Getting more from Podcast Advertsing

Podcast advertising is a truly unique and powerful way to promote your product or service (which is why it is growing so quickly).  As a business, you want to ensure you are getting the best results. So a few simple guidelines will help you get even more from your experience.

Host read commercials.

While people come to Wylde In Bed for its unique erotic stories, they stay because they enjoy the narrator’s storytelling skills.  You can submit your own recordings, however, your commercial will have a greater impact if Devlin narrates it, a voice that people have learned to trust and enjoy.

Set up a micro site for your destination.

You want to track visitors from the show, and by far the easiest way to do this is by using a microsite.  Obviously, you can set this up as a simple redirect to your normal business site, or as a squeeze (sales) page that will improve your conversion rates. This will also help us tailor future ads for the maximum response.

Please, when selecting your microsite name, choose one people will understand easily while listening as the bulk of your visitors will come from the audio rather than the link in the shows notes.

Advertise a unique coupon on the podcast.

Because of the memorable nature of podcasts, listeners are more likely to remember a simple coupon code, and you can track that listener to your website.

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