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Podcast Advertising for Authors

Podcasts are the perfect platform for authors in so many ways. In fact if you could design the ideal way for an author to promote their book, you would end up with podcasts.

Here are just a few of the reasons that podcasts offer a fantastic opportunity to authors…

1. Podcast listeners are the most engaged audience. Period. 

Listeners tune in to a podcast because they love the host as much as they love the content. This means they trust the host, and so are more likely to buy your book.

    2. Listeners attention rate is very high. 

    Your excerpt will not just be passed by, listeners will hang on every word. For you, this means they will enjoy your excerpt, and so have a positive view of your book.

        3. Listeners actually enjoy advertising on a podcast.

        Unlike other platforms where listeners actively avoid commercials, podcast listeners enjoy them as part of the show.

        4. Listeners remember books from a podast better than other platforms. 

          A recent study by IAB found that two thirds of listeners could remember products and features mentioned in the podcast.

          With all this and more, why aren’t you promoting your book on a podcast?

          Choose the right path for your book promotion

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