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Sponsor a show

Wylde in Bed offers a wonderful opportunity for businesses and authors to promote their products and services to some of the most loyal and engaged audiences you can find.

Every month, over 100,000 listeners worldwide tune in to hear our sensual stories.  Nor just for the content of the story, but for their engagement with the narrator, Devlin Wylde.

His unique narration style helps listeners relax and immerse themselves within the story, making contents of the story more memorable. 

A few months ago he did a story involving a Range Rover, we found out later that several listeners had been motivated to secure a Range Rover.  Presumably, they were already looking at a new car, and the story gave them a little push. 

Whether it’s sex toys, lingerie, chocolate, your latest dark romance novel or even cars, Wylde in Bed offers you an opportunity to be in front of over 100,000 engaged listeners every month, listening to a voice they trust.  Trust enough to share their deepest intimate secrets with.

Just imagine your business being in front of that audience every month.  How good would that be? How might it effect your sales ?

We offer a unique show sponsorship package.  Not only will  you get an honourable mention as the sponsor of the show, but your company, product or service will be an integral part of the story, giving listeners even more reason to buy from you. Discover how it works here.

Apart from their engagement and trust for Devlin, their are many reasons podcast advertising could be the right fit for your business you can learn more about them here.

We want you to get the most out of podcast advertising, and there are a few things you can do to ensure you improve your response, all of which we can help you with if you would like.  Why not dive right in and explore them?


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