Re-Discover Your Sexy


Transform your sensual passion today with this unique programme off five audios.

Use the combination of hypnosis, meditation and tantric practices; rediscover your passions and take them to a whole new level. So that you can enjoy truly deep and sensual pleasure anytime!

  • Do you feel that somewhere life mask your sensuality?
  • Have you forgotten that you are sexy?
  • Has your sexual confidence waned?
  • Maybe you would like to discover your inner desires?
  • Would you like to enjoy sensual pleasure on a whole new level?

If you wonder what it would be like to enjoy uninhibited sexual pleasure once again. To feel confident in your body.  To know you are sexy on so many levels. This series of audios works on so many levels to help you rekindle your desire.

This unique extended session:

  • Helps you release any past experiences
  • Invigorates your body confidence
  • Guides to reconnect with your inner sensuality
  • Ignite your natural pleasure
  • Take your sexual pleasure to a new level with tantric methods
  • Transform your sex life for now and forever

Ultimately, you deserve to have the sensual life you desire.  It’s there, you just need to re-discover it.

Due to the intensity of this audio session, it will only available for download through Wylde In Bed. It will not appear on the podcast or the app. 

Transform your sensuality and order now.



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