Lamb to the Slaughter


Dominic Douleur is scarred. He has been all his adult life. And while every inch of blemished skin screams of the agony he has suffered, he hides his pain behind a mask and behind the walls of his beloved Seeonee.

In the safety of these walls, he has controlled his anger in one way – expressing it through his private BDSM pleasure.

All the while … his wolf has lay dormant.

Until it doesn’t.

Diane Hightower is enthusiastic, overbearing, and beautiful. When her meddling and misconceived sense of justice brings Dominic’s enemies to his gates, the walls of Seonee are threatened and the children he’s focused his life on protecting turn from hunter to hunted.

Dominic has no choice.

There will be blood. There will be death. There will be fear, and change, and transformation.

The world will hear Dominic Douleur roar once again … and nothing will ever be the same.