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The exclusive premiere of Beyond the Veil the Road Leadeth

Written by Burn Moor

Available at Amazon and Audible, click here to grab your copy!

Yellow serpents and glimpses of the past. Two lovers discover an altered world. Can they expose the truth of their souls?

Mina feels she’s living a lie. Barely present for her children while her ex-husband presses her for financial support, the successful CFO loses herself in daydreams filled with passion. But after a fiery affair sparks with a coworker, she’s shaken to her core when they awaken to a new reality.

Traveling far into the strange empty realm, Mina suspects they’ve entered the shadowy recesses of their minds. And to return home hand-in-hand with her lover, the Colombian beauty
must confront her most fragile hopes…and her darkest fears.

Can they face who they truly are in time to reclaim what’s real?

Beyond the Veil the Road Leadeth is a brilliant dive into surreal fiction. If you like psychological exploration, dazzling love affairs, and stripping back the layers of existence, then you’ll adore Burn Moor’s profound search for meaning.

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