“This podcast is HOT, and something a little unique.”

Kate has experienced hot sex for the first time in twenty years, but now self-doubt claws at her confidence.

Her young, innocent helper was watching and obviously indulging in feminine self-pleasure with her voyeuristic lust.

But Kate is sure that was over the young man.

We was very hot.

Naked and muscular.

As he pounded Kate’s passion.

Now, convinced his erotic desires will move onto the beautiful young Sophie with her red hair, freckled face and sparkling green eyes. She must return to the way it was.

What chance did Kate stand? And where the heck did these pangs of jealousy come from?

When she was younger she had notched up more than a few marks on her bedpost, seduced more than her fair share of beautiful young men and women.

She just had to accept that she was middle aged and although the fires burned with a deep passion, things had changed. She had changed.

But knowing the lustful open secrets that exist.

Having tasted the satisfaction of his desire.

How can she possibly go back and run the small-holding with these two in front of her?

Some fires can never be extinguished, once they have been lit.

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