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Ever wondered what happens when an energetic Great Dane, a muddy park, and a chance romantic encounter collide? Take a stroll with us, your hosts Devlin and Anne, as we recount the uproarious and unexpectedly tender tale of how Anne’s quest for a four-legged guardian named Bernie led to a tumble in the mud and a whirlwind brush with love. With Bernie’s leash in one hand and dignity in the other, Anne’s day is turned upside down by the unlikeliest of Cupid’s arrows, and we’re here to share every delightful detail.
This episode isn’t just about canine-induced chaos; it’s an invitation to embrace the quirky turn of events that can lead to life’s most memorable moments. So, cozy up and lend us your ears as we reveal how a disastrous dog walk plants the seeds of romance. And stay tuned for our weekly tease where your secret fantasies take center stage, reminding you to send in those desires for a chance to hear them come alive in our next episode. Prepare for an auditory experience that promises to indulge your senses and leave you eager for our next narrative venture.

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