“I am extremely horny after listening to it. | love this podcast”

Lisa is travelling to a business ball dance.

But she has one thing on her mind, the sedution of Martin.

He obviously wants her and she had been waiting two years for him to make a move, but tonight she is going to make damn sure she would have him. And have him hard.

For all his gentle good looks, baby blue eyes and clean shven jaw, she was determind to transform him into the animalistic beast she desired.

And then in the middle of nowere, her car breaks down, leaving her lost and cold. So cold. Those desires are left broken in the snow.

But is there a saviour out there, a place for refuge? Or will she end up in a worse postion than now.

Will Lisa be the best dressed corpse in the snow?

For more intense pleasure, come and see me at the VIP club.

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