Too often we rush to the finish line to an orgasm
To often our desire to reach the pinacle
Means we miss the pleasure of the journey
To focus our minds
On every little pleasure
To notice them all
Throughout our day
The promise of pleasure
That lives within us
That gentle warmth
You can immerse yourself in completely

Tantra and Meditation have a long history as spiritual partners. It wuld be true to say that without meditation, Tantra wouldn’t have the profound effect it can do on our sensual pleasure.

Although it has recently become popularised as Orgasmic Meditation, there is much more to it than that.

This meditation has been crafted to open your mind and body to live in the moment and enjoy all the pleasures that happen on our sexual adventures. To allow us to immerse ourselves in the delight of everyday sensuality, without focusing on the climax.

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