Helen has always been a good girl. Her family upbringing has ingrained a deep respect for authority and the law. And a repressed desire so deep, it burns like a furnace inside. Then one reckless moment, one minute of ignoring the rules leaves her exposed and vulnerable.

The latest episode of Wylde in Bed is a raw and passionate erotic story of bondage, carnal lust and an innocence shattered by one snap decision.

You can go ahead and download your own free experiential erotica from Wylde Desires.

A few quotes from my recent listeners….

“This podcast is HOT!”

“The hosts voice will leave you tingling and turned on!”

“Devlin Wilde has the sexiest, most erotic voice!!! “

“Not only are these stories sensual and erotic but ohh THAT deep sexy voice! “

“This man not only has one hell of a sexy accent but his voice is amazingly hot.”

“You don’t want to miss out on this gem! “

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