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Denny Bowie thought life would settle down after solving a case of serial murders. But when he gets a call sending him to the door of a Domme who barely escaped being bludgeoned to death, he’s pulled back into New York City’s dark and erotic underbelly.

Trying to navigate this new investigation with its violence, randomness, and lack of clues may be the least of his worries: His girlfriend Penny is distant, his boyfriend Erin harbors a terrible secret, and there’s a new nightmare at every turn.

If he can’t find a balance, Denny could lose the only two people he’s ever loved, and if he can’t track down the predator targeting Dommes, more ghosts will haunt him – if he survives.

Grab Punishment, the sequel to the award-winning hard-boiled thriller, Bloodletting, today!

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