A Sensual & Passionate Erotic Vampire StoryAn excerpt from the Paranormal Erotic Romance Novel Secrets Past by Noelle Rahn-JohnsonPlease remember you can go ahead and grab your FREE FULL LENGTH experiential erotica audio, just for coming to see me at https://wyldedesires.com

When Brogen is killed in battle and emerges as a vampire, what does he do to waste time in his grief for the next few centuries? He preys on the predators of the innocent. That is, until he falls in love with a human woman and shares with her his Secrets Past. Samantha’s lived in foster homes her entire life, knowing nothing about where she came from. When she turns eighteen, she receives a mysterious package from her ancestors that turns her world upside down. A necklace and ring in the package were meant for her protection but have now put her in danger. When she’s mortally wounded by rogue vampires, she finds out who she truly is. Will she finally feel safe enough to tell Brogen her Secrets Past as well?

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