Erotic Story Excerpt from IndebtedA Dark Irish Erotic Romance – Indebted by Piper StoneYou know you can go ahead and download a full length free experiential erotic audio just by visiting

I’m owed a debt. She will pay it in the most shameful way possible.

After her father stole from me, I could have left Alessandra Toro in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. But I have plans for her. A deal with the judge—the kind only a man like me can arrange—made her my captive, and she will pay her father’s debt with her beautiful body.

She will try to run, of course, but it won’t be the law that comes after her. It will be me.

The sting of my belt across her quivering bare bottom will teach Alessandra the price of defiance, but it is the far more shameful penance that follows which will truly tame her.

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