Simons Repressed gay fantasies come to the fore in this erotic storyYears of denying his sexuality have left Simon frustrated and angry, and now he can see a way out, a way to be the man he needs to be in the powerful erotic audio story. But is he willing to become that man?

Simon has already met the man of his dreams. Already experienced intense, sensual pleasures with him. But how an he possibly carry that on as would like? With his Daddy so against his gay tendencies.

Warning: this is an MM gay erotic story and does contain sensuous descriptions of men in intimate situations.

Recent reviews from listeners…

“The hosts voice stimulates a response that will leave you tingling and turned on!”

“This podcast is HOT!”

“Devlin Wilde has the sexiest, most erotic voice!!! “

” This man not only has one hell of a sexy accent but his voice is amazingly hot. “

“You don’t want to miss out on this gem!”

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