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Elevate Your Story with Wylde In Bed Author Promotion

In the saturated world of erotica, making your story stand out can be as challenging as crafting the perfect steamy scene. I understand this, which is why Wylde In Bed Author Promotion offers an unmatched opportunity for erotica authors aiming for the peak of book promotion.

A New Realm of Sensuality

I take your crafted worlds of passion and desire, offering them a new breath of life through the art of narration. My service isn’t just about reading; it’s about bringing the intimate and sensual layers of your story to the forefront, engaging your audience in a way that words on a page alone cannot.

  • 20 Minutes of Exquisite Narration: A dedicated episode for your book, where a professionally narrated 20-minute excerpt showcases the essence of your storytelling.
  • Your Book’s Own Stage: Every episode is a dedicated space, spotlighting your work alone, allowing listeners to immerse fully in the world you’ve created.
  • Eternal Spotlight: Once live, the episode featuring your book remains available perpetually, ensuring a lifetime of promotion.

The Best Way to Connect

In the world of erotica, the connection between author and reader is exceptionally intimate. Wylde In Bed Author Promotion is designed to fortify this connection, making your story not just read but felt. This isn’t just author advertising; it’s building a bridge of sensuality and passion that entices readers, inviting them into the depths of your imagination.

  • Lifetime of Promotion: Your work gains an eternal presence on one of the top erotic stories podcasts, continually reaching new and eager ears.
  • Immerse Readers in Your Story: By taking listeners deeper into your story with my narration experience, they will feel deeply involved in the story.
  • Engage with Readers: My intimate and sensual narration creates a unique bond with listeners, converting them into devoted readers of your work.

Making your mark in the world of erotica requires innovation and passion. With Wylde In Bed Author Promotion, you have the best partner in transcending the traditional realms of book promotion, ensuring your story is not just heard but experienced.

Let your story seduce, enchant, and remain indelible in the minds of listeners. Join Wylde In Bed Author Promotion today, and transform your readership with the power of my voice, narrated like never before.

Can I Have an Audio Snippet for my Social Media?

You sure can! Just let me know which social media platform(s) and I will do the rest.

I can even create a promotional social media video as well if you like.

Can I Do More Than Just An Excerpt?

Yes, you can. Uniquely I can offer you a full book launch promotion which is published over three days as unique episodes.

The episodes will focus on:

  • Day 1: A Twenty Minute Excerpt 
  • Day 2: A Premiere, which is focused on the backstory and story arc. 
  • Day 3: An Interview, either with you, or with your lead character. 

How it Works.

I know you’re busy, so I’ve tried to keep this simple. You complete the author submission form, selecting the date you want the promotion to START (remembering for launches that’s three days before the sale date).

You will receive an email, normally within an hour, asking for the:

  • Excerpt
  • Sales Blurb
  • Any Reviews
  • A Cover Image
  • Buy Links

It is important that I get these 7 days before your episode date, to ensure I have time to complete the narration. I will send you a reminder closer to the deadline. You are responsible for submitting all the information in good time. 

To ensure my listeners have a truly enjoyable experience and to protect the integrity of Wylde In Bed, I retain the right to reject any submission.  If I do decide to reject your submission I will let you know in a few days, and the reasons why, and try to come to an amicable solution.  If we unfortunately can’t find that common ground, then I will give you a full refund.

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