Meet Devlin…

Devlin Wylde is a professional narrator and storyteller, as well as being a qualified hypnotherapist who specialises in erotic hypnosis.

The skills he has learned with erotic hypnosis have enabled him to create stories designed to help his clients get past the hurdles that stop them from enjoying deep, sensuous pleasure and experiencing their deepest passions, all within the safety of their own mind.


In 2004, he shot to fame as the creator of Experiential Erotica, a blend of meditation and erotic stories that enabled his listeners to enjoy their fantasies as if they were really happening, right through to a happy ending.  By 2005, 5,000 women every day were enjoying deep pleasure thanks to experiential erotica, and for most, their sex lives improved beyond their wildest dreams.


He helped launch the Wylde In Bed podcast in 2019, to bring this pleasure to more people. “Everyone deserves to enjoy their deepest desires, for their deepest satisfaction.”