Erotic Stories for Bedtime…

With approximately 100,000 listeners a month,  Wylde in Bed has established itself as one of the top adult podcasts in the world in just 20 months.

Its unique mix of professionally narrated,  immersive sensual stories has led to a loyal following worldwide.

Although originally conceived as a haven for unsatisfied women to explore their intense desires within the safety of their own mind, over time its well-crafted stories have led to an army of women, men and couples using its stories as inspiration to improve their sensual experiences.

The stories are written in a way to empower listeners about their sexuality, to own their passions and try things they never thought they could experience.

Once someone succumbs to their desires and listens to Wylde In Bed their sensual experiences will never be the same.

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Devlin Wylde is a professional Erotic hypnotist that has helped thousands of people enjoy the true depths of their passions using his unique blend of meditation, storytelling and hypnosis.